Turbulent Travels: How to Survive Flying with a Toddler

My husband, son, and I recently returned from a lovely trip to Denver for the holidays. We had incredibly sunny weather and mild temperatures for late-December in the Rockies, and truly enjoyed our visit with family and loved ones. One thing we didn’t “truly enjoy?” … the trek to and from!

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Reaching Beyond Your Limit – The Role of Goals

No matter who we are or where we’re at in our lives or careers, we’ve once upon a time dreamed a few dreams or set a few goals. Chances are, some of what we’ve accomplished so far has come from one or two ideas put into action. Opportunities sometimes present themselves in no order or without much effort, however, personal happiness and a sense of fulfillment are almost always the products of visions that have been recognized and acted on.

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I’m a Flawed Mom, and I Love it

If you’ve scrolled through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen your fair share of mom-related posts, categories, and groups to join. While we’re fortunate to have an extensive amount of support tools at our fingertips, these very classifications are what’s hurting our egos and shooting down our self-worth as mothers, spouses, and professionals. Why must we attempt to fit the mold of a specific type of mom? Can we not love feeding our babies organic fruits and vegetables but also believe in disposable diapers and television as a source of entertainment? Are we failing as a parent because we don’t want to include our toddler in everything we do?

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3 Easy Ways to Avoid a Professional Burn-Out

No matter what your career path looks like, chances are you’ve found yourself exhausted, wanting desperately to throw in the towel. Perhaps you’ve started a new role and are feeling unprepared about your daily expectations. Or you’re asked to take on an assignment that you’re not fully trained to do. The stressors of any position can sometimes feel overwhelming, and no more how high up you are in the company, some days all you want to do is take an extended lunch, put on your sweatpants, and give up.

Before you begin writing your concession speech for your current position, take a step back and think about the steps you have taken to get where you are. The road to get to your current role likely wasn’t easy, and your employer took a chance on you and saw a reason to offer you a position above all other candidates. If that’s not enough to keep you motivated to push through the tough days, here’s a list of simple tips for staying afloat in rough seas.

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What Happens When You Slow Down and Live Unscheduled

Whether you live according to your personal planner or organize your activities using Google calendar, most adults are on a schedule of some sort. Insert kids into the mix, and it’s next to impossible not to plot out your days and weeks around sports practices, dentist appointments, and work-related deadlines. But what happens when you no longer control your schedule, but it begins to control you?

As someone who has dealt with generalized anxiety disorder for all of my adult life, I’m no stranger to the “fight or flight” feeling. I’ve had panic attacks in nearly every shopping center I’ve ever visited, I have a horrible time making decisions, and I spend much of my free time second guessing every move I make. It’s exhausting, and anyone who has experienced any of these situations knows how emotionally taxing anxiety can be on the body and the mind.

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