Meal Planning Made Easy with Aldi

I have a confession to make. I am a little bit obsessed with the discount grocery chain, Aldi. When my husband and I lived in Colorado, I would frequently complain to him about the lack of inexpensive supermarkets in the Denver area. I did nearly all of my grocery shopping in college at Aldi and was always amazed at how I could buy an entire week’s worth of meals for under $25. When we moved to Northeast Wisconsin, one of the first things I did was map out the various Aldi stores in terms of proximity to our house. We got lucky that the closest Aldi to our house is brand new and has more of an “open concept supermarket” feel than some of the older stores nearby.

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How Living on a Budget Can Influence Positivity

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It’s a strange concept to consider, as the only thing that most folks have ever heard is “money brings happiness” and that the more money we have, the fewer restrictions we’re given. While it’s no surprise that having a comfortable income creates less friction in our social lives, quite the opposite can be true if applied correctly. We all want more in life and the unfortunate reality is that many hard working individuals are earning much less than they deserve, but why focus on what we don’t have when we can create positivity from the gifts we so effortlessly receive? Before you rattle your piggy bank in a financial frenzy, check out this list of reasons why budgeting brings happiness:

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