I’m a Flawed Mom, and I Love it

If you’ve scrolled through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen your fair share of mom-related posts, categories, and groups to join. While we’re fortunate to have an extensive amount of support tools at our fingertips, these very classifications are what’s hurting our egos and shooting down our self-worth as mothers, spouses, and professionals. Why must we attempt to fit the mold of a specific type of mom? Can we not love feeding our babies organic fruits and vegetables but also believe in disposable diapers and television as a source of entertainment? Are we failing as a parent because we don’t want to include our toddler in everything we do?

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5 Must-Have Items To Conquer the Toddler Years

Ah, toddlerhood. The moments between your child’s first and third birthday. These years mean different things to different parents. For some, it translates to independence and a growing personality. For others, it’s a hint of sadness and nostalgia in realizing that the infant stage is over and the fear that comes with the fact that the entire house is now a very non-kid friendly playground for a sometimes non-friendly kid.

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Travel Tips for Moms on the Go

The summer season is upon us. The gates to summer break have opened wide and days in the sun have begun. Whether your family’s schedule is chock full of camping excursions, week-long road trips, family gatherings, or day-long destinations, chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of planning, packing, and organization in store for the warm months ahead.

Below are some tried and true tips for busy moms on the move!

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Why We Need to Celebrate The Down Days

There’s nothing I love more than being a mother. Most days – we’ll go with five out of seven – I am so proud to watch my son explore and learn and grow. He’s energetic and curious, and always on the move. He’s also somewhat of a flight risk, as all toddlers are. One minute he’s laughing hysterically at a ball bouncing down the hall; the next, he is screaming his head off because his cruel parents won’t let him stick his fingers in the electrical outlets. Though he’s too young to intentionally cause tantrums, there are many moments where I think his outbursts are 100% premeditated, and he has been waiting for the opportune moment to unleash hell. Dramatic, I know, but I’m fairly certain every parent can relate to this. If you don’t believe me, just check out this recent CNN article by Kelly Wallace.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Teething

Anyone who has had a baby has been there. We have ALL been there. And somehow we all end up on the other side. I’m talking about the grueling process of teething, folks. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and no matter how even-tempered your child is, there’s a 98.9% chance you and your little one have shared a good cry or scream as the first few chompers reach the surface.

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Grow, Baby, Grow! Super Foods to Give Your Toddler

Introducing solids into your toddler’s diet can be exciting and confusing. As those little teeth begin to pop through the gums, your baby’s palette becomes as adventurous as his personality. But knowing what to feed your kiddo for optimal health can be confusing. My son only has a couple of teeth, so I’m cautious about giving him anything that doesn’t dissolve, yet I know Cheerios, crackers, and blueberries can’t be giving him anywhere near the proper vitamins and minerals his growing body needs, so I conducted my own research to find out the best foods for a growing mind and body.

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